Merry Crafting: Candy Cane Wreath

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded (repeatedly.. ) that Christmas is not far behind. As much of a planner as I am, I am also  a procrastinator. However, this is something I am TRYING to change. So, this year I got  a jump on making my Christmas decorations. Yes, I am MAKING my decorations this year. Making your own holiday decorations allows you to customize everything to meet your personal style and match your existing home decor. To start, I thought I would try a candy cane theme. Bright and fun and certain to bring a little cheer to the front door.


To start, I selected a 16 inch red tinsel work wreath frame and a red and white striped deco mesh. I found all of my supplies at my local Hobby Lobby, no specialty shops needed. During the holidays you can find the deco mesh in the holiday aisles, but normally it can be found in the floral department. Same goes for the wreath frames.


To begin, take a loop of the mesh in your hand.


If you are using a wreath with the tinsel wires already in place (like I am here), use the first set of wires on the inner ring of the wreath frame to hold your first loop in place. Twist the wire around the base of the loop like you would use a twist-tie on a loaf of bread. If your wreath frame does not have the tinsel wires attached, you will use pipe cleaners or florist wire to hold your mesh in place. Be sure to select a color that will blend in with the overall colors of the wreath.


Now, make another loop and attach it to the neighboring set of wires, this time on the outside ring of the wreath frame. Work your way around the entire frame making loops and alternating from the inner and outer rings of the wreath. Once you have worked all the way around the frame, you will need to fluff and shift your mesh around to make it evenly poofy.


Once you have sufficiently fluffed, you can add accent ribbon. I used a 6 inch white deco mesh ribbon as well as this wired, sparkle, tubing. Simply weave it in and out of the deco mesh loops and secure it using the existing wires.


After adding the sparkle tubing, I added these 3 candy ornaments. To help keep them in place, I hot glued them to each other before wiring them into the wreath.


My final touches were to add some fun little red and white ornaments which are on wire and come in clusters (I tore them apart and re-worked them a little using my trusty hot glue gun) and the plastic sparkle snow flakes.

Next time I make a deco wreath, I will take more detailed photos of the supplies I use, but as usual, I forgot to take photos until after I was already started. The key to make your own unique wreath is to take your time and chose accent pieces that catch YOUR interest. Try using letters, ornaments, little toys, feathers, etc.


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