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While Spring may be the norm for cleaning out and starting new, anytime is really a good time to de-clutter and simplify your home and your life.

Kitchen Gadgets

Adorable… right?

We did a small amount of cleaning out in the spring when we re-did our kitchen. Having to drag every little thing out of the cabinets and into another room really showed me how much of a hoarder I am. Not the kind of hoarder that rearranges the plates in the cabinet because she doesn’t want the bottom plates’ feelings to be hurt… but the kind that really finds a dire need for adorable gecko toe cherry grabbers and a Mickey Mouse finger silicon spatula..

We had the “opportunity” to do another cleaning session when our AC drip line overflowed and destroyed 2 walls of drywall and a room full of carpet(the day after we had to completely replace our HVAC system in the middle of Houston summer…I won’t even go there).

Having to take EVERYTHING out of our bedrooms for new carpet made us realize how much STUFF we had. Just stuff… things we weren’t quite ready to part with yet, but didn’t really need. Well, it was time. A few truck loads to donation and when we were done, we were left with a home that was clean of clutter. It felt cleaner and brighter- we could actually relax and enjoy our home. Less really is more.

One of the biggest steps? We completely did away with our clunky old coffee maker… I know. BIG. Our French press had been living in exile on the top shelf, but really makes an even better cup of coffee than that hunk of plastic ever could. There is something satisfying about the simplicity of the French press and now the simplicity of our de-cluttered home.

Tips for de-cluttering your home:

  • Make a list- where are the problem areas in your home?
  • Don’t get overwhelmed- tackle one room at a time and take your time. Need a break? Take it!
  • Decisions- have you touched it in the last 3 months? No? Out it goes!
  • Stay on track- use a box in the hall for items that need to be put away in another room. Focus on THIS room first.
  • Get help- recruit your significant other, invite over your mother, or ask friends for help (Don’t forget to reward your helpers. Food usually works…)


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