A Texas Wife’s Top 10 Kitchen Gadget Must Haves

Spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen, I have come to rely on a handful of kitchen gadgets and gizmos. In my previous post, Back to Basics, I tout the advantages of simplifying and de-cluttering, but these are the items I absolutely could not live without.

  1. KitchenAid Mixer – Obviously great at everything and has a myriad of available attachments for just about anything including pasta roller, meat grinder, and juicer. Favorite Use: Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. French Press – I did away with the fancy coffee maker with all of the small, breakable parts, and opted for this simple, yet effective coffee solution. Easy to clean and maintain and brews a mean cup of coffee. Favorite Use: freshly ground coffee on a Saturday morning
  3. Stove-top Espresso Maker – Again, doing away with the expensive all-in-one latte making counter hog, this little baby makes a perfect espresso and then tucks neatly away in the cabinet. Favorite Use: Vanilla Latte on Sunday morning
  4. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Cast iron retains and evenly disperses heat and makes the perfect vessel for frying, braising, soups and stews, and even desserts like cobbler. Favorite Use: My award winning Texas style chili
  5. Cast Iron Skillet – Versatile and nearly indestructible, cast iron skillets are great for getting a nice even crust on a juicy steak, cooking cornbread, or just toasting up a batch of tortillas. Favorite Use: Porterhouse Steak
  6. Salt Pig – Funny name, straight forward use. Stores salt on the counter top for convenient use when seasoning food. Made of porcelain, the salt pig will not absorb odor or flavors. Favorite Use: Kosher Salt
  7. Garlic Keeper – Garlic prefers to be stored in dark, dry place. While your pantry is just fine, I love having a handsome garlic keeper close at hand. Only Use: storing a delicious head of garlic
  8. Immersion Blender – Great for blending sauces and soups. I also recently learned how to make mayo using my immersion blender and a Mason jar. Will share soon!
  9. Ceramic Grater Plate – Why did it take me so long to find this?! This thing is pure, old fashioned, brilliance. Grates ANYTHING – garlic, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, onion…
  10. Set of Glass Mixing Bowls – So, I am cheating here because this one item is really 10 items. Great for Mise en Place, mixing, serving, whatever! I love the glass because it is no fuss and easy to clean. Some sets will even come with storage lids which is fabulous.

Every single item on this list holds a special place in my kitchen (heart) and are simply irreplaceable! What are some of your must have kitchen gadgets?

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